The Role of HGH in Aging

Many people wonder why their bodies begin to slow as they age. As a matter of fact, the majority think that slowing down is aging rephrased! Others are of the opinion that aging is a synonym of slowing down. It is important to understand that such thoughts are baseless, hence incorrect. We age not because we become slow but the vice versa. This is because various functions of the body fail or slow down. A good example of the processes that slow down includes secretion of the human growth hormone.

Human growth Hormones are responsible for shielding the body from the effects of aging. In other words, HGH maintains the vitality of the body. These hormones help our bodies to build muscle mass, maintain weight, improve the texture of the skin and regulating the levels of cholesterol present in the blood. A restored or increased level of HGH in the body will go a long way in helping to turn back the signs of aging.

If bad eye sight and wrinkled skin are the signs that you associate with aging, you will need to view things in a fresh view. The aging clock sets of the moment the human body clocks 30 years. The process is not noticeable as it is slow. Everyone is taken surprise by the fact that they are no longer youths and full of vigour. The area around the abdomen and the skin are the first indicators of aging. The aging transformation is not by overnight but takes place gradually. The aging process accords a part to the human growth hormones. Research has shown that, after 35 years, the secretion of HGH starts receding. There are some out-of-place cases though, where secretion of HGH may decline as early as 25 – 30 years!

The main purpose of HGH is to stimulate the release of other hormones around the body. Pituitary gland is charged with the responsibility of secreting Human growth hormones. An important fact to learn is that HGH doesn’t inhibit the process of aging. The sole purpose of HGH is helping in the release of proteins and hormones which maintain the vitality of the body. Keeping skin smooth and healthy, control of weight, managing cholesterol levels, building muscles and enhancement of energy levels are just a few of the functions directly linked to human growth hormones.

If you weren’t too fast not to grasp the point above, you will almost see that most of the symptoms of aging can be kept at bay by maintaining the levels of HGH within the body. Apart from these, other merits include calcium retention which aids in improved bone density, enhanced immunity against illnesses and improved functioning of the body’s internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Natural methods of increasing HGH in the body include adequate sleep, strength training and reduction of stress levels. There are HGH supplements available in form of capsules, sprays, pills or powders. Most of the supplements are available online and over the counter.

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