8 Anti-Aging Secrets Dermatologists Won’t Tell You

Ageing affects your looks and health in many ways and you cannot really stop the biological clock. However, people with an innate desire to look younger and attractive resort to many tactics. From going under the surgeon’s knife to applying detox they resort to many measures. Of course, a section of grooming conscious individuals visit dermatologists to eradicate skin issues and look better. They also use expensive skincare solutions to look pretty and defy the ravages of time. However, there are some beauty secrets that dermatologists and skin care experts usually do not tell their clients.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to look younger and enticing.

1. Want To Evade Wrinkles And Lines: Sleep On Your Back

You may be amazed to know something as simple as sleeping postures can have an effect on the way you look. If you want your facial skin to look glowing and fresh, sleep on your back. If you keep sleeping the opposite way, the pressure on the face and neck results in development of lines around the lips, eyes and nose. It can lead to swollen face and asymmetrical development of facial feature. Even sleeping on your side puts pressure on your cheek and leads to reinforcing existing wrinkles on the face.

2. Sticking To Same Skincare Products May Not Be That Good

Some people have the impression that sticking to the same branded skincare solution can improve their skin health. While using the same range of skin care products can be good for your skin to an extent, it does not mean you have to use same branded products for entire life. While using a specific brand of skin care makes sense, occasionally you may change it too. If you shift to a region with harsh or humid climate for work or other reasons, changing the skin care product range or brand will be necessary. Besides, with age, you need to switch to suitable skin care products. This will also vary on your skin type.

3. Use Quality Eye Creams Instead Of Surgical Methods

Eye Cream

The eye area on your face is where signs of ageing are most evident. The dark circles around the eyes and puffy eye bags make you look ore aged than you are. To get rid of the darkened and swollen eyed look. Some people opt for surgical methods. These cosmetic surgeries are meant to tighten the skin around the eye region. However, the surgical measures cannot offer you permanent benefits. You can achieve nearly the same results by applying expensive eye creams and serums. Of course, you have to use a suitable eye cream.

4. Exercise Helps You Stay Fit But Overdoing It Can Backfire

You may have heard the saying many times that working out has a direct impact on your fitness and looks. It is true working out helps you get a toned figure, discard fat, eliminate toxins from the body and as a result your skin health also improves. However, overdoing it can actually have an opposite effect on how you look. Running in excess or doing cardiovascular workouts in excess can have a negative impact on your health. Excessive exercise can affect your sleeping pattern and that can also mar your look to an extent.

5. What You Eat Reflects On Your Skin

No matter how many cosmetic surgery procedures you undergo or what luxury skin care brands you use, the impact will be half baked if you do not look after your diet. So, you need to discard the junk and processed foods and switch to fresh vegetables and probiotic foods to improve skin health. You may also drink red wine which enhances skin health. It is not mandatory that you eat supplements, but sometimes taking specific supplements can help. It is also necessary to drink plenty of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juice, cutting down on aerated drinks will be good for the skin.

6. Stay Safe From UV Ray Always

A lot of people have the perception that wearing sunscreen in the peak summer months is going to be enough. However, the reality is harmful UV rays of the Sun affect your skin and can damage it all over the year. So, you should step out after applying a layer of sunscreen all over the year- even in winter months. Limited sun exposure on a daily basis can also cause significant damage to your skin health, as it is. This will save you from skin cancer and premature ageing of skin. It is also necessary to coat car window glass with a tinted layer to stay safe from sun rays. Make sure the sunscreen lotion or cream, you wear has enough SPF and sun-protecting ingredients in it.

7. Frowning Should Be Avoided If You Hate Wrinkles

Your facial expressions can affect the way you look. Too much frowning can lead to the development of wrinkles on the forehead and lines around the eyes. It is okay to use anti-aging serums and lotions, but not frowning is also going to help you in this regard. So, next time you see that irritating neighbor just put on a flat expression rather than frowning.

8. Eliminating All Wrinkles With Face Cream Is Not Possible

Wrinkles definitely make you look ugly and accelerate the feeling of ageing. However, no face cream is ever going to eradicate all wrinkles from your face- no matter what the ads say. On a realistic level, you can expect the existing wrinkles to fade and new ones can be prevented from forming. It does not matter how expensive the cream is-the claim of absolute wrinkle removal should be taken with a pinch of salt!

Summing It All Up

So, you can see by adhering to some basic skin care tips you can look beautiful and evade causing damage to the skin. You need not spend a whopping amount on surgeries to keep looking good as you age. It is important to eat carefully and avoid processed food. Working out will be useful, but you have to do it without straining yourself.

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