What is HGH- Human Growth Hormone?

There is something about HGH that seems to interest both sexes across the world. Human Growth Hormone or HGH as is popularly known is produced in a part of the brain known as pituitary gland. This gland is in the center of the brain. Within the pituitary gland, somatotroph cells are responsible for synthesizing, storing and secreting HGH which is a chain of 191 amino acids protein.

As soon as we are born, our body starts producing HGH which is the most abundant hormone produced by the pituitary gland of the human brain. After this, HGH is absorbed by the liver and then changed into growth factors which interact with the cells of our body. This interaction is most crucial for cell reproduction as it instructs the cells about when to live and when to die. If the growth hormone doesn’t instruct the cells, cell reproduction slows down considerably.

HGH offers lots of benefits to human beings as it can control aging increase our energy levels, greatly improve our skin, etc. It is believed that it can control metabolism and help us gain some muscle mass. It is also believed to be associated with the energy levels of the human body. Some diseases can also be cured using HGH through a certain therapy. But the main function of growth hormone is in height gain. It has been found that children with appropriate levels of HGH tend to gain more height as compared to children with inadequate levels of HGH.

The HGH levels are at best in the human body around the age of 21 and up to 30 years. As we grow older especially around 30 years, natural levels of HGH drop quite rapidly in our body. It is estimated that every 10 years, HGH level drops by 14% which leads to lesser energy and more fatigue as we grow older. During this age, the pituitary gland functioning degrades and it slows down the production of HGH. As HGH level drops in our body, it leads to weight gain, bones become weak and calcium retention decreases. Some researchers have proved that HGH levels decrease about 80% with time.

As the HGH levels continue to diminish with age, it can lead to serious diseases. These include cardiovascular diseases as the cholesterol levels are badly affected by the decrease in HGH; some memory related disorders have also been associated with the lack of HGH. People with extremely low levels of HGH in their body develop some sleeping disorders, their concentration levels become poor and also they lose interest in their life in general. Some tiring and fatigue related disorders have also been associated with a lack of HGH. Some cases have been diagnosed in which people with poor levels of HGH have lost complete interest in sex.

Thus maintaining adequate levels of HGH in our body is essential for proper growth, maintaining good health and for the well being of the human body in general.

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